01 Intuition (5:15)

02 Secousse Cosmique (5:13)

04 Été 99 (4:52)

08 Between Rain and Clouds (8:09)


01 Intuition (5:15)

02 Secousse Cosmique (5:13)

03 Rhodium (6:27)

04 Été 99 (4:52)

05 Une Autre Histoire (6:58)

06 Joyeux Millénaire (3:49)

07 Apologie (5:00)

08 Between Rain and Clouds (8:09)

09 Scout Boots (3:54)

10 Labyrinthe (5:35)

11 Ad Infinitum (6:03)


François Richard  C flute and Alto flute

Geoff Lapp  Piano

Frédéric Alarie  Double bass
Michel Lambert 

Jazz flutists have never been an overly abundant breed. And that begs the question: Why? The instrument's refined elegance and charm make it a natural partner of the piano, and musical encounters with flute are often of the intimate, peaceful kind. Yet, a quick survey of the jazz world reveals that the flute's principal protagonists can all be counted on the fingers of one hand, with Hubert Laws and Herbie Mann by far the most prominent. Is François Richard one of these unconventional, non-conformist figures, a peculiar denizen of the jazz jungle, running counter to more popular trends? Or is he a headstrong trailblazer?


"The flute brings with it a dimension not found in other instruments; it adds a luminous quality to jazz," says Richard. Jazz is a language of dizzying uncertainty. François Richard, in his late forties, fits that definition perfectly. Never one to subject his colleagues to his authority, he would rather suggest than assert, always leaving ample room for dialogue. And here finally is the long-awaited Ad Infinitum. In this, his fifth album as soloist, Richard reveals with eloquence the slow-ripened fruits of his inspiration. With him are Michel Lambert on drums, Geoff Lapp on piano and Frédéric Alarie on double bass, forming a quartet of old acquaintances gathered like friends around a table.


"I'm very pleased with the group's chemistry, with the ease of interaction. Unlike my previous album Coïncidence, we've had the chance to perform these pieces often before recording them, and so they've evolved along the way". Richard composed ten of the eleven pieces, and Geoff Lapp wrote the track no. nine on the CD, Scout Boots. "The album unites different styles within the framework of one homogenous sound. That was the challenge: to bring together a wide palette of colours and styles ranging from Latin to be-bop, modal jazz, funk jazz, and even Debussy post-impressionism".


The theme of defiance, ever-present in Richard's work, can also be found here. Conversations with his friends are always animated and opinionated, and this joyful complicity is palpable throughout his new work, revealing the many facets of a true revolutionary spirit. Each performer brings to the table his own ideas, his own personal feelings for the music; singular inspiration becomes plural.


Student of Jean-Pierre Rampal during the sixties, co-leader of l'Orchestre Sympathique in the early 80's, esteemed session man, composer of soundtracks (including the classic Québécois film Les bons débarras), tireless performer, fascinating composer and hard-working producer, François Richard is without doubt an outstanding figure in Canadian Jazz. Let yourself be carried away by Ad Infinitum and you'll soon discover why.


Claude Côté, Journalist, May 2005



Recorded in Studio 12 Radio-Canada Mtl February 2005

Mixed in Studio 12 Radio-Canada Mtl March 2005

Sound recording and mixing Pierre Plante

Director Alain Bédard

Jacket graphic design Pascal Milette

Cri Communications

Photos Pierre Crépô

Translation Normand Richard

Compositions / arrangements - SOCAN François Richard

Except «Scout Boots» Geoff Lapp

Booking François Richard and Consultart, Pierre Bertrand

Producer François Richard

production Effendi Records

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