AZIMUT[H] Trio Richard- Lipsky- Herskowitz + String Quartet



In a unique and eclectic concept, the members of the trio (flutist François Richard, violinist Helmut Lipsky and pianist Matt Herskowitz) weave together a musical tapestry inspired by classical, post-impressionist jazz  and World music. In addition to imbuing jazz rhythms and improvisational flair into classical masterpieces, these seasoned musicians also perform their own compositions in an auspicious musical encounter founded on creativity, chemistry and virtuosity.



*The concert is also available in trio.

François Richard C flute & alto flute *- composition

Matt Herskowitz Piano - composition

Helmut Lipsky Violin solo - composition


Zoé Dumais Violin

Marie –Neige Lavigne Violin

Jean René  Viola

Sheila Hannigan Cello


Concert program :  Sphinx - Ouverture, Latingo, Polonaise Libanaise, Valse Perdue, Prélude en mi majeur de la partita no 3, BMW 1006

Romance et Mystère, Rush Delivery, Bella's Lament, Dense & Céleste, Renaissance Men


Special thank's to the  Conseil des arts de Montréal and the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec.

TANDEM - CLASSIC JAZZ  Flute and piano Duo


In an utterly unique and eclectic concept, flautist François Richard and pianist Matt Herskowitz build bridges between themes inspired by jazz, world and classical music. Alongside classics bursting with improvisational flair from music masters such as Éric Satie, Cole Porter, Miles Davis, Claude Debussy et Maurice Ravel, they will interpret their own original compositions, in a musical encounter ennobled by its fusion of creativity.


François Richard Flute

Matt Herskowitz Piano

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