01 Ponctuation (5:06)

02 Winter Blues (5:16)

03 Libération (6:28)

LIBÉRATION / François Richard Quartet


The group already released two CD's, Coincidence (DSM 1998) and Ad Infinitum (Effendi 2005), which made the unanimity of the criticism in North America. Since 1997, the Quartet has made concert venues at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, at the Radio Canada radio broadcast, in the " Maisons de la Culture " around Montreal, also in GESU concert hall, Upstairs Jazz Club as well as tours around Quebec.


The instrumentation of this formation introducing a brand new personal that include flute, piano, double bass and drums is slightly different from the regular ensembles in the jazz world. In this third opus with a quartet formation, the auditor will have the opportunity to hear of the new "repertoire" of original music stuffed with funk, Latin and swing rhythms, showing an approach of the jazz flute signed by François Richard.


Label : CMFR  (Créations Musicales François Richard)

Distribution: Effendi  - Naxos

Digital Distribution: Naxos Digital

Release date: January 19, 2018

Catalogue: CMFR004


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01 Ponctuation (5:06)

02 Winter Blues * (5:16)

03 Libération (6:28)

04 Une Tempête (6:22)

05 De 7 à 8  (4:16)

06 Dark Waltz (4:51)

07 La Bossa à Casa Nova (5:14)

08 Balade 2017 * (4:20)


Compositions : François G. Richard (SOCAN)


François Richard  C flute & alto flute *

Guillaume Martineau  Piano

Rémi-Jean Leblanc  Double Bass
Martin Auguste 


Recorded at Studio 270, Montréal, Québec, Canada  2016- 2017

Recorded and engineered by:  Robert Langlois

Produced by : François Richard

Mastering by : Philip Gosselin - Le Lab Mastering Montréal

Editing and mixing by : François Richard


Pictures : Pierre Crépô

Graphic design and pictures: Pascal Milette

Webmaster: Geneviève Burke


Producteur: CMFR / Créations Musicales François Richard


« This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada ».




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