01 Z (5:57)

02 La Nuit (7:50)

03 Ataraxie (4:54)

11 Constellation Inconnue (7:33)



In his latest work, François Richard presents original compositions written for a 12-musician ensemble, and based on a concept established by CMFR (Créations Musicales François Richard).  This triple quartet is composed of a jazz ensemble and a string section (directed by Stéphane Allard), to which is added the rather unexpected sound of French horn.


Composed and arranged mainly by François Richard himself, this decidedly original album features music in the classical jazz style, with just a touch of post-romantic modernism thrown in.  Influenced by Impressionist music and painting, the repertoire is a synthesis of past concerts in which a string section was added to a jazz ensemble based on the concept of the François Richard Quartet.


01 Z (5:57)

02 La Nuit (7:50)

03 Ataraxie (4:50)

04 Valse de la Pluie (4:50)

05 Poète Céleste (5:24)

06 Les Voleurs (5:37)

07 Planètes en Rang d’Oignons (5:50)

08 Rencontre des Civilisations Perdues (8:33)

09 Sand Castle (5:11)

10 The Road (3:02)

11 Constellation Inconnue (7:33)

12 Écarlate (5:41)

13 Vitres de Son (3:43)


François Richard  Flute, G flute

Yannick Rieu  Tenor & soprano sax

Jocelyn Veilleux  French horn
Stéphane Allard 
Solo violin

 Mélanie Bélair  Violin

Zoé Dumais  Violin

Jean René  Viola

Ligia Paquin  Viola
Sheila Hannigan 

Geoff Lapp  Piano
Guy Boisvert 
Double bass

Michel Lambert  Drums

Compositions  François Richard (Socan)

Editing François Richard

Exept Sand Castle of  Geoff Lapp & Les voleurs of Michel Lambert


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