SYMBIOSE / 14 musicians (live)

The concept of the album is based on different ensembles produced by CMFR  with a  highlight on the  Nouvel Orchestra. Module de Creation is in the other hand the formation that give the freestyle approach to the album. This is  a live album recorded at L'Astral in 2012. The music  is mostly original compositions  but there is also  some great jazz standards such as "Someday my Prince wil come" and   "Bye Bye Black Bird" on the release. There is a total of 14 musicians playing on this opus , including renowned artists like Michel Donato, François Bourassa and Claude Lamothe.


01 Astral 3  (7.20) François G. Richard

02 By By  Blackbird  (6:56) Dixon /Ray Henderson

03 6/8 en 4 temps ( 11:12) * Module de Création  François G. Richard

04 Renard 5 ( 10:42) François G. Richard

05 Bemsha swing  (7:07) Thelonius Monk

06 Inédit 7 (11:11) François G. Richard

07 Someday my prince will come (9:19) Frank Churchill

08 Symbiose (9:09) François G. Richard

09 Body and soul (8:19) Johnny Green

10 IF (11:24) * Module de Création Claude G. Maheu



François Richard  Flute and alto flute

Samuel Blais  Tenor and soprano saxophone

François Bourassa  Piano

Claude Lamothe  Solo cello

Claude Maheu  Oboe, English horn, Shakuhachi, exotic flutes (composition & arrangements  of  "IF" )

Zoé Dumais  Violin

Marie –Neige Lavigne  Violin

Daphnée Richard Sincennes  Violin

Jean René : Violon  Viola

Martine Gagné  Viola

Christine Giguère  Cello

Martin Auguste  Drums

Guy Boisvert  Double bass

Michel Donato  Double bass


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Recorded at L'Astral - Maison du Festival de jazz during the Jazz All Year event.

Producer  : CMFR/ Créations Musicales François Richard

Live recording: Jacques Laurin

Graphic conception :  Pascal Milette

Photograph: Pierre Crépô

Editing, sound mix, compositions and musical arrangements  including jazz standards: François Richard

Webmaster: Geneviève Burke

Distribution: Believe Digital


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Someday my prince will come:

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